Brie and Neil's exquisite DIY Wedding

Every Bride likes to add her own style, touch and flair to the wedding day. None more so than Brie. With sewn paper decorations, and making all the ladies' bouquets, the mens' boutonnieres on top of putting the finishing touches on her own bouquet, she had a deft hand at much of the decor.  A unique altarpiece made by a friend added a wonderful focal point. 

With Brie's DIY style and flair, it was a truly exquisite affair with each and every detail, chic, refined and fabulously elegant. 

Brie and Neil married at her sister's home in San Anselmo Ca. Family and friends gathered on the lawn for a touching and joyous ceremony. Surrounded by her Sisters, Brie shone and Neil's face said it all. Love was all around. 

From the chef to the minister, friends were everywhere involved. Heartfelt toasts were given and pillow fights ensued; oh the joy of young boys at a wedding. To be fair, a couple of the little girls gave their all. 

This surely is what weddings are about:  families coming together, creating and celebrating. I'm sure the wee ones will look back on the photos and laugh with joy at their antics. 

What a joy it was to capture the images of all this creativity, joy and most importantly love on Brie and Neil's wedding day.