Selecting a wedding photographer

Word of Mouth- 


The starting point in selecting a photographer for your wedding is finding one. A referral from a friend who has recently married or been a part of a wedding with a fantastic photographer is still by far one of the best ways to find the photographer for your special day. 

Sonoma Wedding photography

The Work -  

When you view the work, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like what you see? Is your wedding style in line with this photographer's style? Are all the family, guests, bride and groom looking relaxed and having fun? Do you want to look relaxed and like you are having fun? Are the shots you'd like in your own collection represented? Imagine what you'd like to see from your day and notice if and how it is represented by a prospective's work. 

Sonoma Wedding photography

The Meeting -  

I always recommend a meeting in person. While being able to meet in person is best, we have video chats, face time and more ways to communicate than ever before, so we can be flexible.

Hopefully you've had time to check out their work before you meet potential photographers, and the meeting serves as a really great time for everyone as it gives a sense of personality and presence. After all, your photographer is going to be a presence at your wedding; directing and interacting with you, your family, guests, the coordinator, band, chef, event staff and more. We all shine for your wedding when working as a team. 

Sonoma Wedding photography

The Cost -  

When pricing your photographer or looking at your photo budget, don't lock your self into a price, even consider going a little higher than you had intended if it seems like the only way to get what you want. You really do get what you pay for as long as you do your homework. Consider  purchasing packages over Al la Carte perhaps. As often the case, cheaper up front may be more expensive in the long run. 

Pricing your photographer is personal and finding one that will bring their experience to your vision is worth what you pay. Beyond the memories of your wedding day it's the photographs we treasure, more and more as time goes on.

Choose a photographer whose work can in 10 - 20 years time transport you back to your wedding day as you view your album. What price would you put on that? 


There are plenty of excellent photographers out there. I hope this helps you in the direction of finding the right one for you. 

Sonoma Wedding photography