Spring Blossoms on the Tree

Capturing the beauty in families is a gift and a pleasure. It's fun to look at family photos and see resemblance in features and even mannerism. Documenting a family together, a couple in love, or simply someone celebrating their beauty is all an honor; as I work to capture those moments of people completely surrendered to the moment and the camera. The dynamic of each family, each occasion, each age, deserves to be documented.  Here in wine country, we are lucky to have the landscape, talent, and the climate for great family portraits. Couples can enjoy an engagement session in the city or the studio. Gorgeous locations host wonderful wine country weddings, intimate engagement shoots, or lovely families enjoying the outdoors. Here in Sonoma County, there is a perfect backdrop to your day. Casual, formal or some where in between, it's time to capture your family now before we're covering the next big thing in their lives. Time flies as we know. The photos we create, these paper memories are so much more than the material they're printed on. Some of the most treasured items I have are old photos of family. It's fun to share photos and watch people make connections as they see traits shared throughout generations. It's one of the best ways to share family connections over many generations. 

Springtime is a time of renewed growth, and expanding families. and remembering where your roots are.