Hotel Healdsburg Rehearsal Dinner

The team at Hotel Healdsburg had set the garden pavilion with their usual style and comfort. Ready at a moment's notice to break down and move indoors should the clouds break; as a storm threatened on this rehearsal evening. Worse yet, it was projected to rain on the Big Day. With family and friends from all across the world; I barely saw the couple without a new group of friends and relatives with them; everyone keen to catch up before the wedding day.

A lovely cocktail hour was enjoyed by all as servers brought appetizers from the open air kitchen, and various stations offered up savory and sweet treats. Of course the finest local wines were being poured.

College friends from St Andrews in Scotland toasted and roasted the groom; remembering his sailing skills as expressed by crashing on a date, and assuring him his new bride would keep him on the straight and narrow. Images of the couple from toddler to adult were projected onto a side wall. The heavens opened about an hour after the event and lasted through the night. Luckily for this bride and groom and many on Saturday, the clouds cleared by noon for a gorgeous day and a few rainbows no doubt.