IMBY "In My Backyard"

A chance meeting has launched a ripple effect of creativity. I was invited to document a video shoot where I had the opportunity to meet Pat Lenz, who you'll find to be the brains and looks behind our projects I'd like to share with you. With a similar passion for art and media, together we recognize the possibilities for creating at this time when we have powerful portable devices making very compelling media and art. It signifies an opening for more stories to be told; all the while it's not about the tools, but the creator; the eye that moment. We took some trips to San Francisco posting to Instagram along the way. This planted the seed which grew into two very successful shows. IMBY, or In My Backyard brought together creatives of all stripes, first in Pat's Slaugherhouse Space and then at the Sonoma County Museum. The first show we curated IMBY-SHS, was held at the Slaughterhouse Space, Pat's art gallery that she converted from its former use of, you guessed it, a slaughter house. The light there is amazing. People were invited to the space, professional and non, and with a limited amount of time utilized props, models, and what ever camera system they had or worked with. Opening night was a big hit; a taco truck had been lined up, a performance artist entertained arriving guests and the artwork from so many individuals shined.

Let's do it again.

Pressing onward and with a link to the board, Pat approached the Sonoma County Museum, and IMBY-SCM was in the works. For two months, literally hundreds, passed through the museum with all access from the basement to the attic to shoot the Museum as subject. A huge thanks to the museum staff in particular for the days when it was busy and people were crawling all over the place. The attic was a popular destination with access through the main office. The resulting show is astounding. From mobile phones to point and shoots, medium format, pro-dslr cameras and including paint and the Lenticular process, blurring the lines wonderfully on the tools of creation at the same time as more possibilities are opening up.

I know I speak for both Pat and myself in thanking all those involved; friendships have started, and I see people working their craft bringing great photography daily. Doing the work! I hope you'll take the time to see how much I love the work. Here's a collection I caught to share:

The top set of images are from the current show, at The Sonoma County Museum. IMBY-SCM current through Feb 25th 2013. Lower set from IMBY-SHS Slaughterhouse Space Healdsburg Fall 2012

IMBY-SHS Slaughterhouse Space 2012