Thailand, Malaysia

So I’m lucky!, what can I say. My intrepid younger sister lives and works in Asia. First Shanghai, China. Now Seria, Brunei -- from metropolis to jungle. She continues to challenge herself and come out on top. Teaching yoga part-time keeps her grounded and her children loving her. During the week she teaches kids the curriculum, of course, and a few life lessons along the way. She’s opened up traveling to Asia for me and it continues to surprise, amaze and delight my life. Organized chaos is often the only way to describe it. Cars, trucks, scooters -- frequently with three or four people on them, coming from every angle. Surprisingly, no one bumps into each other. This is often all best seen from the back of a Tuk Tuk. What is a Tuk Tuk? It’s a little hybrid-motorcycle thing. Well, the official name is a Tuk Tuk. Traveling always offers you a new view, a chance to step back from home and experience new cultures. Mouth-watering food, great value for money and renewed curiosity. Rural bus rides that won’t soon be forgotten are soothed away with a fantastic foot massage on the street of the local markets.

Mixing and eating with the locals is always the way to go, roadside cafes, noodle soup trucks, everything in between. We ate a fresh lobster Christmas day, prepared with a Thai red sauce. A road side cafe might not have received a second look back home but this was one of the most delicious meals of our trip.

Thousands of temples dating back hundreds of years are scattered across Thailand. These small temples are never built in the shadow of homes or businesses. Instead, they are placed right out front, positioned for daily offerings of garlands of flowers, food and water. The Thai people are warm and generous of spirit, incredibly welcoming.

We rented scooters one day and with mother on the back we explored the small island of Koh Samui, a gorgeous location with white sand beaches.

I had a lot of fun shooting photos with my phone and the having the ability to edit and process on-the-go was eye-opening. A small collection of photos is in the video above. Shooting weddings in Sonoma County is fantastic, but I would love to cover weddings on the gorgeous islands in the Gulf, even in Bangkok “the city of Angels.” I can’t wait to return and continue my exploration of Thailand. Pom rak Meuang Thai { I love Thailand.}