Gentlemen Please! Sonoma Weddings

Sonoma county weddings where  the groomsmen, friends and fathers, all play their parts celebrating, supporting and standing buy our Groom. From boys to men, building life long relationships, they embark on another milestone together as they take part in the wedding day. Restored motor bikes, whiskey flasks and LSU on the iphone {don't want to miss the game you know} the guys bring their own spin and style to the day. The cufflinks that function as a way to hold one’s shirt cuff together are also a vehicle for a confident  man who is interested in his own fashion to express himself and show the world his air of breezy confidence. The boutonniere are the male equivalent of the bride's bouquet, both a centuries old tradition often thought to ward off evil spirits and bad smells, today there in as many styles and colors as you can imagine. Like the cologne and the haircut these details give that touch of elegance to your men.


The majestic Redwoods of California are yet another stunning backdrop in the heart of Wine Country. Sonoma wedding photography is often best when you incorporate the scene, a sense of place. From Trentadue winery, to the back roads of the Russian River and Occidental. Madrona Manor in Healdsburg, our Gentlemen this year have been exactly that. I've had a the real pleasure to capture these images along side, with and for some great photography studios. Tibidabo Photography, Studio Tia & Claire, Maria Villano. All great friends and photographers.